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A Blessing . . .

Angel Greene

My Daughter WEDDING was supposed to be 5/9/2020. But of course everything & everybody all vendors & locations was halted. But we had MRS. China & what was going to be a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING was saved. She can in & took over with my daughter and from the linen to the candle lite alIsles KING & QUEEN chair with a sparkling backdrop fit for a KING & QUEEN. When you enter the venue it look& felt like a ROYAL WEDDING and that was just the down stairs. Even my DAUGHTER was shock with little amount of time she had to work until Sept 2020. That was just the down stairs, The 1st area had the bar area picture area Hors d’oeuvres but WIN the door open me being the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE was the first to entered & I was absolute stunned WIN the door open to the reception rooms it was GORGEOUS MY DAUGHTER FELT LIKE A ENCHANTING PRINCESS, their was fog for the 1st dance the tables had gold sequins my grand son (2) was mesmerized by the beautiful lights on the foot & the ceiling . All the family & friends who wondered if the should come said everything was Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and this was one of the most beautiful weddings the had ever been too. Wedding day Mask for everyone . I was tearful that they made this crisis time and a cancelled wedding nightmare a WEDDING fare beyond what we thought the details & logistics impressed me & everyone there. MRS. CHINA Weill be doing my other daughter’s wedding & events she is part of the family definitely! My wedding too! GOD is AMAZING! Your so PRECIOUS THANK YOU FOR SUPER Superseding my Daughters wildest dreams & the memories for life .We LuvYou!

Amazing Work

Margaret Hagens

3 months later and I'm still in awww, when I say they came and delivered.. Our event is still the talk on our block.. I have been hosting event for years, but this one way by far the best, I told them to surprise me, an that jus what they did.. I’m sooooo ready for my next event. Thanking you again for your hard work


My 65 birthday was the best ever the decorations done by my niece and her crew Beautiful Expressions was awesome. If you want the best you have to get the best.

The quality of service is outstanding and they cater to create an unique experience. They work to meet your needs no matter your budget or event size. They’ll plan from beginning to finish. Professional and dedication to those they serve this is an amazing company to do business with.



You will really be pleased with Beautiful Expressions. They are very meticulous and cater to the customers needs. You will not be disappointed.



Mary Smith

Very Pleased

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